Strategy and Development Philosophy

Development Strategy

Datalab is intent on developing business solutions that are open, adaptable and powerful. We want our solutions to function in all IT environments and to enable users to choose the technology freely according to their business strategies.

Here at Datalab, we strive to achieve continuous improvement and innovation. We believe in the competence and diligence of our employees and partners. We foster a culture of teamwork, which – with the help of the latest technology – opens new paths for our employees and enables them to reach their full potential.

Our business information system is developed modularly and allows simple extensions with solutions created by our development partners. We give users advanced features, which enable them to adapt the IT support to their needs and add new services efficiently.

Since 2006, Datalab is in a strategic partnership with Oracle, the leading database developer in the world. Datalab’s software solutions support the Oracle 10g database, expanding the selection of available platforms for the end user.

Development Philosophy, Kaizen, and Evolutionary Software Development

Here at Datalab, we believe in evolutionary software development. Our development philosophy is best described by the Japanese Term Kaizen, which means continuous improvement and progress. This concept has a strong presence in the open-source community, because an evolutionary approach allows for quick upgrades at low cost. These upgrades are based on user feedback, public testing and user groups. Suggestions are evaluated and used as the basis for specifying changes. This is followed by development, testing and localization, after which the new update can be released. Users can decide for themselves, whether they want to upgrade. Users thus become developers themselves.

In the past eight years, we’ve perfected this methodology. We have special tools, which automatically generate localizations of the program. The mechanism for following requests made by users is intertwined with user help (Help Desk), which enables us to plan, allocate resources and inform users efficiently. Dedicated web servers allow us to create and publish video manuals. We’ve also developed our own tool for writing user manuals – the Datalab DocuMentor, which enables editing and synchronizing vast multilingual user manuals.


Creating dedicated tools increases productivity of our developers and is one of the biggest reasons for Datalab’s success.

Evolucijski razvoj programske opreme

Kaizen is a Japanese management concept, which strives for continuous incremental improvements. At its core, it’s a philosophy stating that every facet of our lives should improve continuously. The key elements for that are quality, endeavor, participation, willingness to change, and communication.