Organizations and Working Bodies

Datalab actively participates in various Slovenian and international organizations and standards bodies.
Andrej Mertelj, executive director of Datalab, is head of the ICT group with the Competitiveness Council of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. The council consists of 7 vertical sections (ICT, health, materials, transport & environment, pharmacy, etc.) and 3 horizontal sections (business and financial environment, educational system, etc.). This way we were offered a chance to affect the direction of Slovenian government and help IT industry get the place it deservers as a fundamental part of modern society.

KODA.SI is the association of software developers at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Datalab is a founding member and Mr. Mertelj is its chairman.

PATENTI.SI is an umbrella organization which in 2005 fought against the EU directive on software patents that could endanger software development throughout the EU. Datalab is a founding member of PATENTI.SI. We also provided for most of the financial and organizational requirements.

Foundation for Free Information Infrastructure is a European association dedicated to the fight against limiting inventiveness and domination of large corporations in software development. Andrej Mertelj is a member of the General Assembly.

Datalab is member of the Slovenian Institute for Standardization where it contributes in the framework of Technical Committee of Electrical Engineering, IT and Telecommunications ( SIST/TC ITC). The National Coordination Committee for Euro Changeover at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Economy prepared Slovenian companies for the introduction of the Euro. Representatives of Datalab led the working group for information systems at KODA.SI., and also prepared documentation and coordinated open issues. A Datalab representative held five workshops throughout Slovenia.

The e-business standardization body, first at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and later with GS1, aims to standardize and popularize e-business among companies and government institutions.

The Slovenian Technology Platform for Software and Services in relation with the European platform NESSI (Networked European Software & Services Initiative) represents a place where knowledge, strategies and potential meet, so as to facilitate faster development of internationally competitive and more dynamic development of IT industry. It will boost development of interoperability and global availability of software, Internet services and implementation of results from research and new technologies. The vision of Technology Platform for Software and Services is to prepare and implement new approaches that will enable further development of Slovenian and European economy by using service-oriented business models.

It’s time we made a step forward. Action plan proposal for accelerated implementation of e-business in small and mid size businesses (eSME Slovenia 2007).

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e-SME Initiative

In cooperation with other companies and institutions, we created an Action Plan – a document in which we recommend measures and activities that would accelerate the use of e-business between businesses and the state.