Countdown to PANTHEON User No. 50,000

Feb 28, 2017 | News

Only weeks remain before the 50,000th PANTHEON user joins our community. We owe a big debt of gratitude not only to the 50,000th user, but also to all of you, who’ve followed our story.

Therefore, we’ve decided to prepare a special gift for the 50,000th PANTHEON user.

Join us, and join in on our celebration!

50,000th PANTHEON user will receive a voucher for 2 people for two days in beautiful Zagreb!*

How did the number of our users grow in the last 20 years?

1997 – The early days. Our goal was to put out an ERP software that would let users have an overview and help manage their business processes.
2000 – The first 1000 users join us.
2004 – We reach 5000 users.
2006 – Only 2 years later, the 10,000th user decides to join the PANTHEON community.
2008 – We quickly exceed 15,000 users.
2010 – User No. 20,000 joins the PANTHEON community.
2013 – The number 13 didn’t spell trouble, seeing how we got our 30,000th user.
2015 – We celebrate 40,000 users and the release of the new generation of our software, PANTHEON X.
2016 – At the end of the year we welcome member No. 49,000 to our clan.
2017 – It seems that 2017 will not only celebrate Datalab’s 20th anniversary, but also 50,000 PANTHEON users. Milestones that we dreamed about back in 1997. Milestones that pushed us forward in 1997.

*The 50,000th PANTHEON user will receive a weekend stay in the Palace hotel in Zagreb for 2 people, worth € 200 (incl. VAT). 1 voucher for two people includes: 2 nights with breakfast (Friday to Sunday) for two people in a double-bed room, VIP reception, Wi-Fi in all rooms, free gym, early check-in and late check-out if available. (The voucher doesn’t cover parking and the tourism fee.)
The organizer is in no liable or accountable to any damages arising from participating in the contest. The organizer is also not liable for any injuries, illnesses and/or damage arising from participating in the contest. The organizer, except for the costs associated with the voucher, does not cover any other costs associated with the trip (e.g. health insurance coverage abroad, allowances, visa costs, etc.).

The name of the winner’s company will be published on the company website. The winner will be notified about the prize via e-mail. The recipient of the prize is an individual within the company that is listed as the buyer on the invoice. The company that purchased the 50,000th license provides the information on the individual who will receive the prize. The winner will receive the voucher by mail, after they provide us with a copy of their identification. They can also receive the prize in person at company HQ. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or any other material prize, and is not transferrable to a third party.