Simplify Complex Work Processes

Managing business processes with PANTHEON Workflow will speed up and improve processes taking place on a daily basis in your company. It’s time for routine and recurring time-wasting tasks to be optimized, automated, and speeded up.

  • Better overview of company processes
  • Lower costs
  • Easier and faster access to data
  • Maximum time efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • GDPR compliance
  • Paperless document verification
  • Automated task transfer
  • Automated e-mail notification about process statuses and activities
  • Project status analysis

“A Workflow is essentially a simple recipe for completing specific activities and tasks. Each great recipe requires quality data (ingredients), well-defined data-processing activities (stirring, simmering), and a a finished product/process (tasty meal). All you have to do is fill up PANTHEON with your own workflow recipes.”

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3 Steps to Implement PANTHEON Workflow into Your Daily Work Processes



Record the flow of your company’s processes. Define tasks, document and information transfer, and any decisions that have to be made before a task can be completed.



Find where processes overlap to optimize and consolidate them.



Create your Workflows (and associated tasks) in the PANTHEON ERP software.

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