International PANTHEON Conference 2017

Achieve Digital Transformation with PANTHEON

Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia
16–17 November 2017

Your digital transformation is inevitable.

Digitalization has been in the air for a while now. We now know for sure that it’s not just a fad, but rather a trend that businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Organizations across the world hurry to catch the digitalization train, often unsure what it means. It’s not uncommon to want change for the sake of change. Digital transformation of companies is not only a transformation in the sense of adopting new technologies. It’s a business challenge, demanding changes in the organizational culture, people, workflows, and business models.

Digital transformation is also a process of developing new kinds of relationships with customers, and understanding their needs. They want an excellent digital and human experience. If you do not evolve, you will go extinct.

Register for the International PANTHEON Conference taking place on 16 and 17 November 2017 in Grand Hotel Bernardin, Portorož, Slovenia.

The main purpose of this year’s conference is to demonstrate effective methods and steps on how to achieve the digital transformation with the help of PANTHEON. We’re confident you’ll take home at least one new idea that you can implement in your business the very next day!

An event, written in the star

The International PANTHEON Conference is an event you simply cannot afford to miss!

Early Registration Price

All inclusive starting at only 229.23 EUR/person

Hotel room, food, participation fee and more. Check out all that’s included in the price!

Will you survive ‘digital Darwinism’?

Learn about the seven steps necessary to survive ‘digital Darwinism’, and meet us at the Conference to get even more useful advice!

88% of companies go through digital transformation, but only 25% know why.

Brian Solis

Chief Analyst, Altimeter Group




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‘At Špica, we’ve been highly satisfied with the organization of the PANTHEON Conference. The event proved fruitful for networking with decision-makers from various businesses. Even months after the event had been over, we were being contacted about our products. The PANTHEON Conference is one of the few events where you can be sure that it will pay off.’

Marija Jakopin

Head of Marketing, Špica Group

‘PANTHEON conferences are one of the most effective events of its type in the wider region. Thrilled by the organizer’s professionalism, we attend it every year to meet with potential clients and strategic partners. Our drastically increased sales provide an immediate return on our investment. We can also anticipate changes in coming years, and create new relationships. All this at the same time – phenomenal!’

Ernest Žejn

CEO, Žejn d.o.o.

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The PANTHEON Conference is an event you really cannot miss!

‘I attend PANTHEON conferences regularly, and mark them in red on my calendar every year. The PANTHEON Conference is important for me professionally and socially. In addition to valuable talks, I’m able to make new business contacts or friends. I will remain a regular participant of PANTHEON conferences, and I’m looking forward to the next one. Keep it up!’

Darja Pirš

CEO, Pirma d.o.o.

‘Datalab and their excellent team have done a great job organizing PANTHEON conferences. They are always an effective, creative, and fun event that includes a consistent message, visual elements and responsive timing. The conference gives us participants, users of the PANTHEON software, valuable content, making our jobs easier and more efficient. Recommended!’

Suzana Stanisavljević

Product Manager, Xenon forte d.o.o.

An event, written in the stars

The PANTHEON Conference is an event many people attend regularly and return time and again. Become one of them!

Conference Venue

Grand Hotel Bernardin

The prestigious 5-star hotel is located in one of the most scenic parts of the Slovenian coastline, nestled between the towns Portorož and Piran. It houses the largest convention center in Slovenia, a high-end wellness center, an interior pool with heated sea water, and has its own luxurious private beach. All rooms have a private balcony with a view of the Adriatic.


More Information

If you want to know more about any aspect of the conference, registration or program, send us your questions via e-mail. We’ll be happy to provide you with answers.

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