Managing Subsidiaries, Transnational Operations

For companies opening subsidiaries at home and abroad, being able to manage data from throughout the organization with a single business solution presents considerable advantages.

PANTHEON is localized for most of the markets in Southeast Europe, both in terms of legislation and language. Legislative localization means that the program has been prepared for work according to the laws and regulations of the country where it is used; language localization means that the program has been translated, but has not been adapted to the laws and regulations of the respective country. Because laws change frequently in certain countries, Datalab prepares legislative updates for PANTHEON.

Legislative and language versions can be freely combined to meet the needs of work in an international environment. With a single program, a company can manage a subsidiary in Croatia; if a Slovenian company hires an English-speaking director, he or she can use a English-language interface adapted to the laws and regulations of Slovenia.

All language versions support the common European legislation therefore they can also be used in countries where we do not market the program. At the same time, the program can integrate a virtual network, terminal servers, and data synchronization. Lower-priced versions of the program intended for use at retail locations and individual cash registers are also available. The end result: all data on the operations of a company are consolidated in one place. It is finally possible to plan, monitor operations and manage data for an international group of companies with a single program!

Language and Legislative Localization

  • Slovenia 100% 100%
  • Croatia 100% 100%
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 100% 100%
  • Serbia 100% 100%
  • Montenegro 100% 100%
  • FYR Macedonia 100% 100%
  • Kosovo 100% 100%
  • Albania 100% 100%
  • Bolgaria 100% 100%

Language Localization

  • International English 100% 100%
  • Poland 80% 80%
  • Slovakia 90% 90%
  • Czech Republic 75% 75%
  • Hungary 75% 75%
  • Romania 75% 75%
  • Italy 90% 90%
  • Germany 95% 95%

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