PANTHEON Connector License

For all those who besides PANTHEON use any additional, external (vertical) solutions, we want to ensure the best possible services in the future also. Therefore, we introduce the Connector License which enables users access to PANTHEON database.
PANTHEON Connector License

As of 1 July 2017, the use of Connector  License will become obligatory for the following:

  • online stores, SharePoint plug-ins, integration of portals,
  • add-on applications (WMS, etc.),
  • mobile applications from other providers,
  • robots (BPEL integration, DMS, etc.),
  • Excel applications (whenever the XLS file automatically connects with the PANTHEON database).

The Connector  License is not required , if the user is logged into PANTHEON with a username and password and imports data from the external solution (CRM, WMS, XLS, Word, etc.) to PANTHEON or exports them from PANTHEON to the external solution (CRM, WMS, XLS, Word, etc.) using a corresponding command. A Connector license is not required when using other Datalab solutions.

It is not application-specific, therefore a customer may have a set number of Connector  License licenses for all vertical solutions. It is linked to the serial number. The application allows simultaneous users, which means that you require as many Connector  License instances as there as simultaneous users of the vertical solution that are connecting to the PANTHEON database.


An example of a PANTHEON user with two vertical solutions

Warehouse Management System (WMS)
The WMS does not use a separate database, therefore warehouse managers use real-time data from the PANTHEON database. In such a case as many Connector  License instances are required as there are simultaneous users of the WMS vertical solution at the warehouse. That is, 3 licenses.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The CRM software uses a separate database which connects with the PANTHEON database. 1 Connector  License instance is required for the connection. The CRM system enables any number of simultaneous users making changes to the CRM system database in real-time.

The PANTHEON user in figure requires 4 Connector license instances.

An example of use of PANTHEON License Connector

PANTHEON Connector  License Pricelist

The license cannot be exchanged for other types of PANTHEON licenses.

The  Connector  License localization version must be consistent with the localization of the main license.

In contrast to the main software package licenses, where up to 50% of their value can be frozen, this cannot be done with  Connector  License.

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For all information regarding the exact number of required connector licenses and for an offer, please contact your authorized Datalab partner or contact us with your questions.