Developer (DEV) partners

Because PANTHEON's data model is public, numerous independent IT service providers develop PANTHEON-based solutions. These range from task-specific modules (e.g. barcode support, tracking hours of work, manufacturing optimization, archiving, messaging, user support systems, project management, etc.) to specialized field-specific solutions (accountants, opticians, carriers, building managers, etc.).

Users get the best of both worlds:

  • standardized software environment (PANTHEON) which ensures regular functionalities (e.g. accounting, payroll, materials management, etc.), and
  • additional user-specific solutions providing customized and useful solutions.

Advantages of Datalab’s development partners

  • Access to more than 20.000 B2B PANTHEON users
  • Greater company recognisability and solutions
  • Possibility of joint marketing and sales actions with Datalab
  • Favorable price promotion through our communications channels (e-newsletter, user sites, events, etc.).

Obligations of development partners

  • Bringing partner solutions in line with PANTHEON
  • Promoting PANTHEON through their own communications channels
  • Annual partner fee
  • Providing implementation of solution and user support

Developer partners in our subsidiaries: