Dear PANTHEON Users, new version of PANTHEON X version has been released.

Main improvements include:


  • 48499 Cleanout bugs in new Authorizations
    • Corrections in Authorisation module:
      • Copy of user permissions form one user to another
      • Authorization response for Clerk Authorization check: Display message when no authorization
  • 48673 Set correct colours for form Personal Files – important fields must have different colour – Implementation for setting correct colours for form Personal Files – important fields must have different colour
  • 48699 ARES: additional registrations
    • Registration in ARES for exporting custom report
    • Registration in ARES for MD5 hash


  • 48437 Agro climatology – ad hoc analyzer. Additional calculator for agro climatology added. Possibility of getting sum, average, min and max values for different agro climatological factors like temperatures, precipitation, solar radiation etc.Different time periods possible just as period grouping too.
  • 47330 Zeus graphs for Agroclimatology  Two graphs added: 1. Precipitation monthly sums and temperature monthly averages for last 365 days with possibility of changing stations, 2. Average temperatures for different stations with possibility of compare between years
  • 47989 Group changes on Pig fattening & Poultry – New functionality was developed for transfers of animals between groups on same location.
  • 48207 Entry of subjects through arrivals pop-up  – Arrivals and disposals of pigs and poultry now enable also adding of subjects. When user is adding new or previous location of animals, this location is automatically added to subjects.
  • 48284 New licensing ( part 3) – Changes on setupwizard
  • 48431 Animal arrival on one document –  Animals at import from Excel are added to same document. Properties that create new documents are: Type of arrival, Date of arrival, Seller, Location.
  • 48476 Additional corrections within GRASS – Menu for Grass task has been developed with more improvements in order to satisfy production planning concept.
  • 48485 Type of arrival on Excel template – New information for type of arrival was added to Excel template for import of animals.
  • 48522 Excel template for feed import – New Excel template was developed for feed import. User can now export template of inserted feed, edit values of feed (in case he has new analysis results) and import new values into codebook.
  • 48561 Cost documents on 6N3 report – 6N3 report for contract farming was equipped with all documents, associated with selected contract.
  • 48577 Filtering for reports on contract farming – New filters were added to reports for contract farming. User can now filter reports by location, by contract or by last n days (he selects for how many previous days he would like to prepare report).
  • 48604 Entering Workers position and assigned assets within – Within Agriculture holding there is a possibility to assign working position for each worker and also to create a new working position. next to working position the assigned fixed assets for worker is added in order to follow workers responsibility to selected assets. Within menu Agriculture holding an option to follow/monitor accountings with corresponding accountantns.
  • 48590 Chart of account for AT loc. –  Chart of account for AT loc. We have put Chart of account or AT loc on webservice.