Prices and Features of PANTHEON Licenses

The price lists are located on each sub's web sites and they contain an overview of all PANTHEON licenses and mobile applications. The prices include the price of purchasing the license or their use in PANTHEON Hosting. Our consultants will help you choose the most appropriate license for your company. Call them at +386 1252 8900.

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Features included in the licenses:

Features/ License RT LX LT RE SE GE ME MF
Cash operations R R R R R R R R
Sales and purchase orders R R R R R R R
E-business and online stores R R R R R R R
Issuing and receiving invoices R R R R R R R R
Travel management R R R R R R
Inventorying and warehousing R R R R R R R
Basic HRM R R R R R R
VAT account R R R R R R
Operations in foreign countries R R R R R R
Customs warehouses R R R R R
Excise warehousing R R R R R
Accounting R R R R
Fixed assets R R R R
Service R R R R
Payroll accounting R R R R
Human resources R R R R
Basic manufacturing R R R R
Business intelligence – Dashboards R R R R
Business intelligence – Customized Dashboards R R R
Business intelligence – Analysis, reports, planning R R R
Manufacturing – Planning R
Manufacturing – Scheduling R
Manufacturing – Advanced work order operations R
Manufacturing – Specifications with alternatives R

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