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Leasing allows you to optimize the investment into your software, because you don't need to get licenses in advance, instead you can pay a monthly subscription that will allow you to use the software. Let a Datalab partner help you find the right license just for your business needs. The partner will take into account what you need and prepare a lease agreement, which will define the licenses that your company needs. You can lease software in any of the available localizations.
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Adapting to change

If your software needs change, you can modify the lease to fit the software to your current needs. You can increase the number of licenses (e.g. if you hire more employees), transfer your licenses (e.g. you need more licenses at one of your subsidiaries in another location and fewer at your HQ), and even change the license model (e.g. from SE to MF, because you’ve introduced planned manufacturing). We’ll adapt the monthly subscription amount to fit the changes in the lease.

Prices and features

You’ll find an overview of all PANTHEON licenses and mobile application and their features in the price list, as well as possible license combinations.

How do you count users?

Datalab software is licensed based on the number of users that access the system at the same time (concurrent access). This means that the software can be installed on any number of devices, but can only be used by as many users as there are licenses. If that number is reached, any additional users won’t be able to log into the system. When a user logs out of the system at their workstation, someone else can log into it at their workstation (roaming licenses).

These and other rights, as well as obligations of the user and Datalab, are defined in the license agreement.

How do I get a license?

If you’re interested in our software, you can fill out this form, where you enter your company’s basic information so that our partners can give you a quote tailored just for you, or contact us via telephone or e-mail (see below).

Datalab licenses its software through a network of authorized retailers, who are trained to help you define the appropriate license. Implementation, introduction, training, support and development of additional solutions is performed by Datalab partners with appropriately certified staff.

If you want to license the software in a particular country, please contact the Datalab subsidiary there.

How much does licensing cost?

Developing such specialized software is extremely costly, but we firmly believe that licensing software legally should be accessible to a wide array of companies, who need a good ERP solution.

PANTHEON not only reduces cost and increases revenue, it also increases employee productivity, which is why we used the average gross salary of the country, where the software is sold, as the reference to determine the price of our licenses.

We set the prices in a way that will see a return of investment in under six months. Our experiences so far support this.

Adding and Upgrading Licenses

If you already have some PANTHEON license and you need more or need a version with more functionalities, you can simply purchase more or upgrade them (by switching to a more advanced license) and you will pay only the difference. Here are some common cases:

Adding Licenses

A company has four PANTHEON SE (Small Enterprise) licenses and four users. The company employs two more people, who also need the program package.

This means it has to get two additional single-user licenses (6 users – 4 PANTHEON SE licenses = 2 additional PANTHEON SE licenses).

Model Change

A company has six PANTHEON SE (Small Enterprise) licenses and six users. The company employs two more people and the CEO wants to have an analytic overview of the business.

The company now therefore needs eight PANTHEON ME (Medium Enterprise) user licenses. Datalab takes into account the six existing licenses (6× PANTHEON SE), which the company uses according to the current prices from the price list, and issues an invoice for the new license plan. The company only has to pay for the difference between the old and new plan.

Opening a New Branch

A company has two PANTHEON SE licenses and it opens a new branch, where it will receive goods and issue bills.

The company has to get an additional PANTHEON RT license. Users can combine the PANTHEON RT license with SE, ME and MF licenses.

Company Development

Companies grow and develop. The company’s information system has to keep up with the development, which is why additional licenses sometimes need to be purchased.

Here at Datalab, we have a simple formula: additional payment = gross price of the new – gross price of the old. This means that you only ever pay the difference between the new licenses and the old ones.

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