PANTHEON upgrades and maintenance

ERP business solutions are living organisms, and as such must change and adapt. Even external demands (legislation changes, for example) mandate new software versions. An even greater number of changes and enhancements are the result of the development of the operating system itself, and serve to make it easier to use, more stable, and faster. The technology that serves as a base of IT changes as well.



For this reason the program must be upgraded to newer versions. You are entitled to an upgrade or keeping the software up-to-date if you concluded an Update contract. Otherwise the upgrading is not included in the license price, except in PANTHEON Hosting.

PANTHEON upgrades are issued at least 4 times a year with patches when required. You can perform the upgrade yourself, or you can leave this to your support staff – provided either by an authorized partner or theDatalab company itself.
The cost of upgrading Datalab PANTHEON software depends on the number and type of licenses the user has and is calculated as a certain percentage of the value of acquired licenses. The method for calculating upgrade price depends on the upgrade agreement!


The term maintenance means all the activities necessary for a flawless and smooth operation of the program, which includes assistance with installation, upgrading and migration, general support with the program usage and similar. Datalab charges provision of such services according to the pricelist for services. However, you can also conclude a maintenance contract with which you are entitled to receiving a fixed-term support (in terms of the scope of contract), lower cost for support time and priority treatment.


How Is the Upgrade Performed?


Step 1 – Identification

When you run the upgrade program, PANTHEON sends version information to the upgrade server. In other words, users have different upgrade frequencies: for example, user A updates his software each month, user B did not upgrade the previous version, and user C last upgraded his application six months ago. PANTHEON doesn’t send any other information to the upgrade server besides system information about installed software. The confidentiality and security of user data during upgrading are guaranteed!

Step 2 – Submitting registration codes and a list of changes

The upgrade server uses information about installed versions to create a list of changes the user must make to install new versions. If the user has acquired new licenses (for example, increasing the number of users, duration of the Update contract, or new modules or changes to edition licenses), the server will calculate new authorization codes and submit them to PANTHEON.

Step 3 – Transferring changes

On the basis of the list of changes, PANTHEON will demand that the server transfers new program versions and installs them to the upgrade directory on the local server, from where they will be installed on all company computers. Because the server identifies which versions the user installed, it does not transfer the entire upgrade from the first version on, but only the list of changes that are relevant for the user and version he/she currently has installed. So instead of transferring approximately 60 MB of data, on average only about 10 MB of data need to be transferred. This significantly lowers the user’s upgrade costs.

Step 4 – Updating databases

Once a new version has been transferred, PANTHEON runs a tool for updating data structures. During upgrading, it repairs the structure of databases and updates report forms and processes saved on the SQL server.

Step 5 – Installation on user computers

A company usually has more than one computer running PANTHEON. To avoid having to upgrade for each user individually, and consequently unnecessary systems administrator’s work, PANTHEON checks if new versions are available every time you start it up, and automatically replaces versions for each user.
This means less work for the administrator, who maintains the information system, and that new versions are centrally managed. The administrator knows that by upgrading the system on his/her computer, all company computers get upgraded.     Pricing

More information

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