Poslovni informacijski sistem PANTHEON

From Child’s Room to Regional IT Leader – Datalab 20+ years.

The company, its product, and the number of users have been growing exponentially. Today, over 57,000 users and 21,000  companies in the region use PANTHEON.

ERP Software for Any Company

PANTHEON is an ERP system, favored by fast-growing companies that need a reliable and adaptable solution with advanced features. It is designed as general-purpose business software and can thus be used in the whole company: warehouse management, accounting, retail sales, management, etc. Become a user too!

PANTHEON Enterprise

Reliable management solution for International Corporations

PANTHEON is localized for most of the markets in southeast Europe, both in terms of legislation and language. All data on the operations of a company is consolidated in one place. It is finally possible to plan, monitor operations and manage data for an international group of companies with a single program!


In the Clouds with PANTHEON Hosting

Cost reduction. Universal access. Flexibility. Secure data storage. PANTHEON is also available in a hosted environment. Simply install the client program and you are ready to go.

When using PANTHEON Cloud to achieve your business goals – sky is the limit!

Uporabniške strani PANTHEON

For a quick and easy introduction all new PANTHEON users have access to free help, support and introductory courses for beginners. Documentation is freely available at our User Information Center.



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