Quality support is of crucial importance to smooth, uninterrupted operations. We provide a wide range of support and help to PANTHEON users, making work with the program fast and effective, as well as training and courses in the Datalab Academy. For more information calls us at +386 1252 8900.

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Free Support

For a quick and easy introduction to working with PANTHEON, all new PANTHEON users have access to free help, support and introductory courses for beginners, which cover the basics. Documentation is freely available at our User Information Center. You can also ask questions on our forum.

We are working hard to create an online PANTHEON community, where users can help each other.

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Paid Support

PANTHEON users have a wide range of support and help at their disposal, directly from Datalab or through support partners. Help and support include written and video documentation, direct support over the phone, in the field or through online applications. Our support and support partners have a high level of technical knowledge and are available in all 10 countries in Southeast Europe. They also have additional technical support at their disposal from within Datalab.

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Courses and Training

Each month we prepare a wide variety of PANTHEON and related specialized courses for you. Courses, workshops and conferences can take a classic frontal approach in the classrooms of the Datalab Academy, or they can be done through online seminars (webinars).

Training is tailored to the users’ level – basic for beginners and advanced for advanced PANTHEON users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the list of the most common questions pertaining to purchasing, operating and support. Maybe you’ll find the right answers right here.

» FAQ (Slovenia)
» FAQ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
» FAQ (Croatia)
» FAQ (Macedonia)
» FAQ (Montenegro)
» FAQ (Serbia)

PANTHEON Consultants

Find the right specialist from among our partner companies for the module or field with which you need help.

 » Consultants in Slovenia
» Consultants in Bosnia and Herzegovina
» Consultants in Croatia
» Consultants in Macedonia
» Consultants in Montenegro
» Consultants in Serbia

Support prices

If help is requested over the phone, the HelpDesk system or through e-mail, PANTHEON users are charged for the service in 15-minute intervals.

» Support pricelist in Slovenia
» Support pricelist in Bosnia and Herzegovina
» Support pricelist in Croatia
» Support pricelist in Macedonia
» Support pricelist in Montenegro
» Support pricelist in Serbia

Call +386 1252 8913

If you want to know more about user support, purchasing a license or how PANTHEON works, give us a call or send an e-mail.