The development of the world wide web enabled the emergence and rapid spread of e-business, which allowed businesses to speed up their operations and made them more flexible to market changes. It also allowed for easier and more reliable access to information about the state of businesses, reduced costs of postal services and material, while also reducing the need to purchase or lease physical business premises.


What is eBusiness?

Electronic Business, or eBusiness, is a general term describing the method of conducting business electronically. This means that data are being processed electronically and transferred between computers (including text, images and sound). This can be done between:

  • companies and individuals (online stores, online banking)
  • several companies (trading)
  • individuals and state institutions (calls for tender, tax returns, etc.)

Main Advantages of eBusiness

  • Faster and safer data exchange
  • Secure data storage
  • Faster processing and time-saving
  • More time for analysis and consulting customers
  • Easy and quick access anywhere
  • Receiving and issuing electronic invoices
  • Electronic data archiving
  • Continuous updates and constant legislative compliance
  • Compliant with international accounting standards
  • Wide range of support and help options
  • Pay what you use. No large investments necessary.

Using these services, we can ensure that the clients of our accounting service get quality information and can plan for the future in a timely manner.

Sabina Dimnik

Data, d.o.o.

Now I can access our databases with any computer and what’s even better, so can my clients.

Tatjana Brumat

Lucrum.si, s. p.

Datalab eIzmenjava


Automatic data transfer in a standardized form, where business partners can exchange various e-documents.

Datalab eRačun


Totally replaces the classic paper form of invoices and saves money for both issuers and recipients.

Datalab eDokumentacija


Enter data from received documents into the program, scan the originals and store them in the documentation system.

Datalab eHramba


Enables you to store various document types in one place safely, reliably and in accordance with the law.

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