How to Survive ‘Digital Darwinism’

How to Survive 'Digital Darwinism' It's not a secret that digitalization and digital transformation are a fact of life, but there is still plenty of misinformation and misunderstanding going about. It's modern to talk about it, but buzzwords alone don't suffice. 30....
Over 50,000 Users Now Put their Trust in Us!

Over 50,000 Users Now Put their Trust in Us!

On 15 March 2017, we welcomed the 50,000th user of the PANTHEON ERP software to our community.
Such a large number of users in Southeast Europe is the result of a determined work ethic and an unwavering trust in the company …

Countdown to PANTHEON User No. 50,000

Countdown to PANTHEON User No. 50,000

Only weeks remain before the 50,000th PANTHEON user joins our community. We owe a big debt of gratitude not only to the 50,000th user, but also to all of you, who’ve followed our story.

Therefore, we’ve decided to prepare a special gift for the 50,000th PANTHEON user. Join us, and join in on our celebration!

Datalab honoured in prestigious awards

Datalab was honored at an exclusive event, at beautiful Palace Dverce, Zagreb, Croatia on December, 1st, for The European Business Awards, as part of a series of events to celebrate Europe’s best business. Datalab was chosen by a panel of independent judges, including...
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