The New PANTHEON X Generation

The only thing that doesn’t change for us is change itself. With your help, dear customers, we’ve created 8,951 improvements in the last five years. Your expectations have guided our development all these years, which helped improve the efficiency of your own business. The result of all that effort is the tenth generation of PANTHEON – PANTHEON X.

Faster and More Efficient

Faster and more efficient features will be included in the all new PANTHEON X. These improvements will be released gradually until June 2016. The first official version of PANTHEON X was released on 24 December 2015.

General improvements

  • Shorter form opening time (the biggest improvement for slow connections and for Cloud access)
  • Faster time-consuming operations (e.g. subject, item, document type registers; administrator console and offline data synchornization for POS)
  • Improvements on the documentation module, which now enables scanning in PANTHEON without 3rd-party applications
  • In-built documentation and archive system for all licenses, which is especially useful for companies with external or internal accounting services
  • New and modern design suited for newer operating systems and tablets
  • All new interface and authorization system for easier permission settings and faster permission checks, meaning fewer issues trying to upgrade the software


faster complex operations

improvements and updates


increase in work efficiency


new design and interface

Improvements by Module

GOODS (Hermes)
  • Faster commercial ledger and faster report opening
  • Faster merged adding and calculation of issued invoices; calculations based on price difference and cash accounting
  • Adding lines to documents (invoices, orders)
  • Transactions calculation by serial number
  • New form for creating upward/downward stock valuations for easier and faster stock revaluation data entry
  • New form for creating cash discounts and cash discount reports
  • Rounding settings for issued invoices and customer orders on the document type level, rounding settings for lines on receiving documents
  • Additional options for checking and printing orders and other documents linked to a particular item
  • Copying documents to create any number of new ones based on the original, service document
  • Additional signatories on documents
  • Automatic data entry for some tax forms
  • Faster automatic posting of used materials, received and issued invoices now also for accountants, who create records via general ledger
  • Faster posting of journal entries
  • Faster manual closing
  • Faster printing of the structure of outstanding items
  • Optimized accounting entries
  • Improved accounting entry of accounts (usability and functionality)
  • Optimized overview of financial data in the subject register
  • Option for tracking multilateral compensation chains
  • Automatic subject adding on extract import (from various databases)
  • Adding user-specific scanned signatures to reports
  • Automatic ID assigning and mandatory field definitions in the cost center register
  • Linked OS register and travel orders
  • Improved file creation for enforcement (added steps for file creation)
  • Accounting dashboard reports for heads of accounting departments/services
  • Custom shortcut settings based on the company/database and user tasks
  • Faster payroll report creation
  • Faster travel order creation
  • Faster work with forms M-1, M-2, M-1/M-2, M-1A
  • Faster export of lists of employees, who need to redo their medical examination
  • More options for the criteria Occupation, Postal Code, Creditor, Bank, DM, Superior, etc.
  • Distribution keys for payroll
  • Import absence from Excel to PANTHEON
  • Controls for imports from Excel
  • Employee records with pictures
  • Web service for data exchange with student employment services
  • Show all payouts/returns based on selected TO period
  • Added module for improved shift management
  • Sending reports and forms to documentation
  • Faster OLAP cube processing
  • Faster drill-through and faster source data accesss
  • Faster data loading in the components register
  • Replacing OWC components for more modern and powerful ones – DevExpress spreadsheets
  • New menu (independent menu item) for ZEUS analytics
  • Authorization for planning document types, option for copying planning data between various document types
Employee file, Issued invoices, Posting

Upgrades until 7 June 2016

PANTHEON (general)
  • Logical form redeisgn for better overview of entered data
  • Faster reports and background printing
  • Improved interface for custom reports
  • Hierarchical registers (departments, cost centers, classifications) in ME and MF versions
  • Expanded support for external POS devices
  • Updated user interface suited for newer operating systems (Windows 10) and tablets
GOODS (Hermes)
  • Faster document adding to documents. At the same time, messages will be moved to the Statistics tab at the end of the process and won’t disturb the process itself.
  • Automatic entry of a new item in the register when entering a document
  • Hard allocation of items with a certain serial number and product variants
  • Preparing templates for reports to financial institutions (banks) and the option of transferring these forms through web services
  • Integration with the unified credit register of the Bank of Slovenia
  • Exports/imports in accordance with the XBRL standard
  • Greater automation of the fixed asset sale process
  • Faster travel order creation
  • Select employee or ID for Payment purpose on payment orders
  • Wizard for copying credits/deductions
  • Faster and better Gantt charts
  • Scanned signatures on personell, payroll and TO reports
  • Sending forms and reports to documentation
  • Dashboard improvements:
    • New component types for the Forum/News/Video guides
    • New component type for ToDo
    • New dashboard for Sales Overview
  • Faster and improved OLAP analyses for basic PANTHEON training:
    • Drop-down menu for conditions and tools
    • Various number format settings in pivot charts (decimal points, percentages, etc.)
    • New dimension Subject type in trial balance analyses
  • Planning improvements:
    • Freezing title columns of a line and the name of a line when moving it left or right
    • Transpose feature in the Analysis tab
    • Wizard for sales planning based on order volume
  • Replaced pivot chart components in ad-hoc analyses with more powerful ones

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