Regulatory Compliance

ERP business solutions are living organisms, and as such must change and adapt. Changes in laws and regulations demand that the program be constantly updated. An even greater number of changes and enhancements are the result of the development of the program itself, and serve to make it easier to use, more stable, and faster.
PANTHEON Enterprise Updates

This means that the program must be upgraded with new versions. A new version of the PANTHEON software with modifications, changes, and enhancements is available at least 4 times a year. When laws that significantly affect operations (changes in regulations for calculating or reporting VAT, the introduction of fiscal verification of invoices), the program implements the changes the day they take effect.

To ensure that upgrading demands as little of users’ time and energy as possible, the entire upgrading process is conducted automatically via the Internet. The confidentiality and security of user data during upgrading are guaranteed!

The experts at Datalab’s Development department see to program enhancements; Datalab’s subsidiaries review local legislation and update the program any time laws change. Subsidiaries also translate the program into the languages of their respective countries. The result: a business solution that is always up-to-date.

Update Contracts

The PANTHEON system needs to be upgraded to newer versions. You are entitled to an upgrade if you concluded an upgrade contract.

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