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For easy management of cash operations using mobile devices intended for the service sector and shops, in the office or in the field. A solution that delivers free transition to the upcoming certified cash registers.

Advantages of the PANTHEON mobile cash register

  • Integrated solutions for registers
  • Preset functions adapted to your business
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Support for card payments
  • Mobile payments Issuing and receiving e-invoices
  • Exporting data for your accounting service
  • Automatic data entry
  • Business and sales analysis
  • Possible short-term rental

Fully functional cash register also in the field

The PANTHEON Retail mobile application runs on Android tablet computers and smartphones. It provides a modern, reliable and user-friendly cash operations solution which makes it indispensable for everyone:

  • conducting sales on the go or in the shop,
  • engaged in service activities (hairdressing salons, flower shops, chimney sweeps, tradesmen, beauticians, massage salons, services provided at home, etc.) or
  • selling on stalls, markets and fairs.

The mobile cash register PANTHEON RA is suitable for companies that require one or more independent cash registers for conducting their business. The mobile cash register PANTHEON RC is suitable for companies to synchronize data of multiple users into a joint database and for providing back-office functionalities (centralized register management, reports, creating export files for accounting, PDF documents, etc.). Features

Customized mobile cash register tailored to your needs

For efficient and effective management of your business regardless of the activity you are engaged in. The mobile cash register PANTHEON Retail provides support for your business in a reliable, fast and easy way.


How to start using mobile cash register PANTHEON Retail?


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PANTHEON Retail Licenses and Features



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  • Issue POS invoices
  • Cash receipts and disbursements
  • Subjects register (customers)
  • Overviews of items
  • Work safety forms


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  • Cash Operations
  • Sales and purchase orders
  • e-business and online stores
  • Issuing and receiving invoices
  • Inventory and warehouses

PANTHEON Retail in our subsidiaries

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Purchasing PANTHEON

In case you decide to purchase the program, it will be installed on your computer/server and you will have to regularly upgrade software to new versions (legislative changes and new functionalities) and ensure data archiving. The purchase amount shall be settled in a single installment and the program will become your property. You will be charged an annual lump sum for program updates.

* License RT is not a standalone license and requires to be used in combination with PANTHEON RE/SE/ME/MF. PANTHEON RT supplements basic versions of PANTHEON in companies where cash registers are linked into a more comprehensive IT system.

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