Sales and Support Partners

Implementation partners are responsible for a number of important services that need to be provided before and after purchasing one of the versions of PANTHEON. The system first needs to be properly introduced, then implemented, future users need to be trained, while ensuring the product has appropriate levels of maintenance and support.


This is the important first step that our partners make. During this stage, all parameters that define how the application will function within a given company are set up; modules for individual business processes are activated; procedures required for flawless functionality are defined together with the users.


The next stage covers user training. This is done by Datalab Partners who are intimately familiar with PANTHEON, know the company’s business processes, and can pass on the relevant information to the end user. Knowledge transfer to the user is a highly important part of the process, because it is the only way to ensure that all the features of PANTHEON are used to its full potential.


The last of the partners’ responsibilities is system maintenance. Some of it can be done directly online, while some is done in person by our partners. Not all maintenance is free of charge, which is why you should discuss what you need with our partner and get a maintenance contract to cover all your maintenance needs.

Certified Consultants

You can find a consultant for the module or field, where you need assistance, among our partner companies.




Support Partners