Vision, Mission Statement, Values

Vision and Mission Statement

At Datalab, we’re committed to developing an effective business information system which facilitates comprehensive management and provides an overview of all activities and resources within a company. Fast, accurate information is key to survival. Companies can maintain and develop their competitive edge only through up-to-date information support that can keep pace with their business goals. Today, Pantheon is the best business information system of its kind in the region, but we’re not stopping there… Our ultimate goal is to develop the best ERP in the world. Our mission is to guarantee high quality business IT to even the smallest companies through constant innovation. It is our desire to help them achieve growth and realize their strategies. We would like to help them increase profit by optimizing business processes and automating work processes.


Devotion guides our work processes.

The proper functioning of our business operating system directly affects the survival and competitive edge of our users. That’s why we’re committed to fulfilling our tasks: we know the price of wrong decisions. Quite the contrary, we take our job – that is, developing high quality business IT solutions – very seriously.

Our work exudes accuracy.

We’re working with information technology based on 1’s and 0’s, and this shows in our attitude towards our products: they’re either perfect or we don’t offer them. We don’t tolerate mediocrity! Accuracy is of great importance to our development, which is why why we don’t take shorcuts, but build stable software. The responsibility that comes with the job we do dictates a pragmatic and, at times, slightly conservative approach. Exactness is our goal – new versions and updates are never late, and we always make the deadlines we’ve set.
We believe in open communication and sharing knowledge.

We’ve learned that expanding our knowledge is more useful that hiding it and setting limits. That’s why our information structure is public and can be accessed free of charge. This is also our attitude towards our users and partners. We don’t just shrug our heads when an error occurs but admit to them, publish and remove them right away. We don’t hide and disregard them because we are aware that it is impossible to develop bug-free software. We expect the same from all participants since only this leads to lowering project costs and achieving goals. We believe that healthy cooperation is the key to survival and success: in today’s world, companies that go it alone are fighting an uphill battle. So we’ve developed firm bonds with our partners and clients.

Our employees are our key asset.

We’re commited to creating an appealing work environment for our employees, and to minimizing the inevitable stress of work in the IT sector. In our field, a 40 hour work week is more an exception than a rule, but not at Datalab. We don’t wish to encumber our employees with an overwhelming workload and overtime, as this would have a negative impact on the quality of their work. We know that only a relaxed mind can be creative. That’s why we encourage our employees to think creatively and take responsibility, and also to play an active part in the management of the company. We believe in sharing the profits we create and in employee ownership. At Datalab, we take great care to ensure that employees on all levels are highly trained. Devotion and a commitment to their job, a high level of knowledge, proactiveness, creativity, and a professional attitude: these are just some of the characteristics our employees bring to their jobs every day. Through continued education and training, we do our best to make sure that, along with the most up-to-date technology, our associates always have access to the knowledge they need.

We look towards the future.

We try to see the big picture, and not just current results. We invest over 60% of our profits in development, which clearly shows just how important concern for the future is for us. We also believe in the eco-economy of the company, focusing not only on profit, but also on how we affect the environment we work in. We are very careful about how we handle natural resources, and pay attention to how they affect people, both inside and outside of the company.

Offering aid and assistance to those in need is part of a socially responsible attitude. That’s why each year, we donate a portion of our profits to charity. We also benefit society through our sponsorship of a number of school tournaments.