PANTHEON User Stories

We're proud that PANTHEON has been an essential part of the lives of extraordinary individuals and companies in SE Europe for over 20 years. Your success is the measure of our success. Meet our users.

Field: Wholesale/Retail/Other

PANTHEON provides us with enormous support in all sales and purchasing processes. It is the backbone of our work.

Alenka Kropivšek

dr. veterinary medicine | Melisa veterina d. o. o.

Field: Wholesale/Manufacturing/Other

Due to the high price of the input material and the nature of our products, we initially sought a solution that could adapt the material part of the business, ensure complete traceability and overview of inventories. Throughout the years, we have integrated our business into a whole and we manage the processes of calculations, offers, orders, material operations and the display of work documentation, invoicing, financial operations and personnel.

Ksenja Brelih Klincov

CEO | Niro Steel d.o.o.

Field: Wholesale/Retail

A centralized and quick overview provides a good insight into the business, which is important for successful business decision-making, and enables us to respond quickly to the demands of the market and to make important strategic decisions much easier, and thus plan for a longer period of time.

Aleksandar Cvetković

Roma Company

Field: Wholesale/Manufacturing

Although our business is quite extensive and complex, we have "transferred" the entire business of our eight affiliated companies operating in different countries of the region from the very beginning to PANTHEON. As a parent company, at any moment, we can access important and up-to-date information about the work of the entire group, and the acquired data can be easily adapted to the needs of financial reporting by country and group as a whole.

Milica Blečić

CFO | Alarm automatika d. o. o.