Investment Story

Datalab is a growth-oriented company which uses the following levers in generating value for investors:
  • It offers high quality of products and services to its clients. Our customers are express great satisfaction over our solutions that closely follow their needs and requirements. Due to our quick reaction time we usually resolve any problems occurring within the same day when the client experiencing a problem contacts us. Close cooperation with the world-leading companies (for example Oracle) are just an additional proof of the high-quality solutions we offer.
  • Making use of the selling channel we came closer to the customer because on the target markets our solutions are sold by our business partners whose in-depth knowledge of the local markets and the requirements of companies in specific industry branch are an excellent advantage.
  • We have achieved the highest market share in the key markets. A highly fragmented competition allows us ambitious plans because we want to acquire prevailing market share over all our key sales markets.
  • There is a high level of consolidation of the goals of the employees and shareholders. A large amount of the employed included in ownership structure together with the appropriate policy of rewarding ensure a high driving force for the employed and commitment for generating value for all shareholders.
Investment story