Certification of PANTHEON Support & Sales Staff

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Certification of PANTHEON Support & Sales Staff – 1st and 2nd term

According to the decision of the CSO and CEO of Datalab Tehnologije d. d., all Datalab Group certifications, effective 1 July.2020, will be conducted by HQ for both Datalab employees and partners.

Tests will be created by product managers or authorized employees.

Certification will be conducted in two terms. You can register for the first term following the link above.

1st term: 21-25 September 2020. Schedule:

Monday, 21 September 2020:

    1. General, Registers, and System, 9:00
    2. Manufacturing, Personnel, and Travel Management, 11:30
    3. Ares, 14:00

Tuesday, 22 September 2020:

    1. Sales and e-Business System Administration, 9:00
    2. Payroll and Orders, 11:30
    3. Financials, 14:00

Wednesday, 23 September 2020:

    1. PAW, 9:00
    2. ZEUS, 11:30
    3. POSX, 14:00

Thursday, 24 September 2020:

    1. Goods, 9:00
    2. Support (only for DL employees), 11:30
    3. Service, 14:00

Friday, 25 September 2020:

    1. VAT and e-Business DEV, 9:00
    2. ZEUS System, 11:30
    3. e-Business Basics, 14:00

2nd term: 26-30 October 2020 – Save the Date

Please register for one of the terms as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last moment. There will be no other terms in FY’21 (1 July 2020-30 June 2021).

Check your current certificates and competences:


  • Certificates Report – (Certificates_Report)
  • Competency Report – (CompetencyReport)
  • Competency Dashbord (for whole team) – (Tab: Competency – view by new rules, Tab: OLD Competency – view by old rules).


Employees (DL and partners) will be able to check competences for them self’s. MDs will be able to check competences and certificates for their teams/Country.

Certification execution – online – COVID-19 situation


Certification will be conducted only by HQ. Candidates (partners and employees) will take the certification tests online in a system specially designed by HQ.


Registration info and guidelines:

Clicking the ‘Register’ button will direct you to our PartnerSite where you can complete the registration process. The menu TeamDL | Knowledge | Education & Certification contains the following information:

  • Enroll – Complete the registration process for a webinar, event, or certification.
  • Review – Check your registrations for webinars, events, and certifications.
  • Results – Check the results of certification.

You can register for the certification until the end of the registration period – 11 September 2020 for the 1st term. If you decide not to attend the certification after registering, please let us know in writing by 11 September 2020 at If you cancel your registration after the deadline or fail to attend the certification, we will still have to charge you for 100% of the cost of certification/module/person.


Rules and Regulations

Competencies and rules for certification have changed. The threshold for passing the test (for main subject matter) has been raised to 75%, and the certificates will remain valid for 24 months. The questions will be multiple-choice (a., b., c., d., etc.).  The new Rules on Certification have been posted here:

All certifications are billable. Please check your local certification prices on www.datalab.xx > Support (price list for Support).

Test sheet content – Confidential information

  • Test sheet content and all certification​ related content and info si Datalab Confidential Information.
  • Any share of information (without prior written consent of the Corporate Head of DCD or DL BOARD) related to certification (tests, test content, images, solutions etc) is considered as violation of Datalab rules and disclosure of Datalab confidential data and information’s.
  • ​All dedicated person who are in charge for test sheet (preparing test sheets, proofing them or translating them etc) are obligate to not disclosure Confidential info to any third parties inside Datalab or outside.
  • ​All dedicated person​ who are in charge for test sheet are responsible for damages from violations and disclosure of Confidential Information.
  • ​Violators will be dealt in accordance with the provisions of the Datalab Management Board and sanctions will be defined and implemented.