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A fast flow of information and transparent documentation management are of crucial importance to every company. Many manufacturing companies encounter problems with the flow of data between the manufacturing unit and individual manufacturing cells where work is documented in detail. Many times, this documentation is kept on paper, a system which is not transparent, increases the probability of entry errors, and creates additional accounting costs because data has to be re-entered.

We have developed PANTHEON Manufacture Terminal (MT) to achieve seamless integration at all levels of production and do away with paper documentation. PANTHEON MT brings electronic documentation to individual production cells, enhancing the flow of information, minimizing the possibility of human error, and establishing a direct link between the manufacturing floor, accounting, executives, and other departments.

PANTHEON Manufacture Terminal (MT)

PANTHEON Manufacture Terminal offers the following features:

  • Issue materials, enter materials, view the material part of manufacturing specifications in work orders, view material consumption entered in work orders.
  • Enter finished work, enter work, view operations of manufacturing specifications in work orders, view work entered in work orders
  • Enter finished work by employees, receive finished products, view receiving to work orders
  • Form for assigning employees individual operations and automatic transfer to work order

Because PANTHEON MT is intended solely for electronic documentation, it is affordable. PANTHEON MT is available only for users of PANTHEON MF.

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