Call for Shareholders’ Meeting – 14 June 2019

14 May 2019

In accordance with the regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, the applicable legislation, and Article 24 of the Datalab Tehnologije d. d. Articles of Association the management is calling for the 19th shareholders’ meeting, which will take place on 14 June 2019 at 10:00 in Ljubljana, Hajdrihova ulica 28c.

The documentation with the proposals is available to shareholders from 14 May 2019 onwards in Ljubljana, Hajdrihova ulica 28C, every work day between 8:00 and 16:00.

Written shareholders’ counterproposals to agenda points, which will be explained and submitted to Datalab Tehnologije, d.d., Hajdrihova ulica 28C, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, within 7 days of the publication of this notice, will be published in accordance with Subsection 5 of the Companies Act of Slovenia, as is this announcement.

The shareholders’ meeting can be attended by shareholders who are entered into the share register as Shareholders at the end of the fourth day prior the meeting, or who have a legal voting right on the day of the meeting, as well as authorized persons of the shareholder or their representatives insofar as they announce their attendance in writing to the company address from the previous paragraph at least four days prior the meeting.

Individuals must prove their identity with a personal document, while legal representatives shall also provide an extract from the court register. Authorized persons shall submit a written authorization with their registration.

Shareholders vote in person, by representative or authorized person. The authorization must be written.

The announcement will be available at SEOnet and Datalab’s website ( from 14 May 2019 for at least five years.

The Management

Attachment: Call for Shareholders’ Meeting (in Slovene)

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