Datalab, d. d., has Won in the Commercial Litigation Case with E-POS GROUP d.o.o.

19 Oct 2015

In accordance with the regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and applicable legislation, Datalab Tehnologije, d. d., is publishing the following message:

The Higher Court in Ljubljana has ruled that the action brought forward by the plaintiff E-POS GROUP d.o.o., represented by Attorneys at law Fašun, Melihen, Milač, Strojan, o.p., d.o.o., against the defendant Datalab, d. d., represented by the law firm Dobravc – Tatalovič & Kač, o.p., d.o.o., is unfounded and was therefore dismissed in whole. The plaintiff sought compensation of 707,422 EUR, later increased to 1,131,181.64 EUR with interest and other charges.

Datalab d. d. has won the litigation that had been going on for more than eight years in whole. E-POS GROUP, d.o.o., has lost in whole and needs to refund the costs incurred due to the unfounded claim. The judgment is final.

Datalab, d.d., had a reserve fund for the duration of the litigation in the amount of 164,836.55 EUR in case it lost that has now been freed up and will affect the financial results of the first half of the fiscal year 2016.

This notice will be publicly available at the company’s website ( from 19 October 2015 for at least five years.

The Management

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