Datalab d. d. Shareholders’ Letter of Intent

16 Apr 2019

In accordance with the regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and applicable legislation, Datalab Tehnologije, d. d., is publishing the following message:

Datalab Tehnologije d. d., in accordance with the directions announced at the previous general meeting, has been examining opportunities for strategic partnerships that would support the development strategy of Datalab Tehnologije d. d. to grow and develop the company.

The management of Datalab Tehnologije d. d. hereby announces that on 12 April 2019 the biggest partners in Datalab Tehnologije d. d., owners of 55.09% of the company’s share capital, signed the Shareholders Agreement on the intent to sell the majority share of Datalab Tehnologije d. d.

Based on the signed Shareholders Agreement on the intent to sell shares of Datalab Tehnologije d. d., the president of the board, Mr. Andrej Mertelj, on 15 April 2019 in the name of shareholders covered by the agreement with the potential investor, signed the Letter of Intent (LoI), which will facilitate a thorough review based on which the potential investor will have the option to submit a binding offer. To support these activities, the consulting company KF Finance was named as the sell-side advisor.

The announcement will be available at SEOnet and Datalab’s website ( from 16 April 2019 for at least five years.

Management of Datalab Tehnologije d. d.

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