Temporary Suspension of Trading

25 Apr 2018


In accordance with the regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and applicable legislation, Datalab Tehnologije, d. d., is publishing the following message:

Based on the Division Plan of Datalab Tehnologije d. d., its agro division has been split off and taken over by the newly established Datalab AH, Upravljanje družb, d. d.

The management of Datalab Tehnologije d. d. would like to announce that shares of the newly established Datalab AH, Upravljanje družb, d. d. will go public on 3 May 2018 as per our request.

In accordance with the request, the Central Securities Clearing Corporation (hereinafter referred to as KDD) will register ordinary, registered, and unit shares of Datalab AH, Upravljanje družb, d. d. on accounts of Datalab Tehnologije d. d. shareholders on the record date, 30 April 2018, at the share exchange ration from the Division Plan dated 9 January 2018.

Every Datalab Tehnologije d. d. shareholder not entitled to a whole number of shares according to the exchange ratio becomes a member of the legal community proportionate to the difference in value to the full issue value of the shares.

Due to the required procedures in the central registry of the KDD, a request for a temporary suspension of trading with Datalab Tehnologije d. d. shares was issued for the period between 26 April 2018 up to and including 3 May 2018. A change of the share symbol from DATR to DATG was also requested after trading resumes.

This notice will be publicly available at the company’s website (www.datalab.eu) from 24 April 2018 for at least five years.


The Management


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