Voting Share Change

28 Apr 2016

In accordance with Article 124 of the Financial Instruments Market Act of Slovenia, Datalab Tehnologije, d. d., Hajdrihova ulica 28C, 1000 Ljubljana, (hereinafter: the company) is informing the public that it received a notice from the member of the board on 22 April 2016, informing the company about a change in the voting share. The content of the notice is as follows:

Due to the disposal of 300 DATR shares on 30 December 2015, the voting share of Andrej Mertelj, member of the board, decreased from 32.0439% to 32.0298%. After the transaction he has 679,160 DATR shares.

This notice will be publicly available in the SEOnet system and at the company’s website ( from 26 April 2016 for at least five years.

DATALAB Tehnologije d.d.

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