PANTHEON User Stories

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Field: Digitalization/Wholesale

Creating a plan of action was the first step for GMT on the path to a digital transformation, which includes the implementation of digital business processes and electronic document exchange with suppliers and clients. Conducting a thorough analysis of our processes, we had the baseline to prepare a plan for the digitalization of our business and start the process of upgrading our ERP system. The process of upgrading our ERP and connected specialized IT solutions marked the start of our digital transformation. We identified opportunities to implement different digital services, such as e-Exchange of orders, packing slips, invoices, transfer slips as well as Industry 4.0 standards (achieving integration with suppliers and their web-based solutions, with clients and their electronic business, e-invoices, workflow).

Stanko Prelec

GMT d.o.o.

Field: Digitalization

We've implemented a centralized register management system that spans across all our companies as well as electronically-supported record management, and achieved integration with 3rd party systems, electronic employee communication, and e-payslip distribution.

Europacific Logistika d.o.o.

Field: Digitalization

We've implemented the manufacturing and goods module of the ERP system to digitize our business.

Alenka Kučer

Kronoterm d.o.o