E-Accounting in the Cloud

With eBusiness, every invoice costs less!

To deliver the best possible PANTHEON Hosting experience, we’re cooperating with leading telecommunication service providers in the region: Telekom Slovenije, Hrvatski Telekom, Telekom Srbija, Makedonski Telekom and IPKO (Kosovo). This way we can ensure that the PANTHEON databases of our users are always safe and accessible anywhere at any time.

What is PANTHEON Cloud?

Data entered into PANTHEON software (e.g. invoices, accounting, payroll, etc.) is stored in a database, which is usually located on a dedicated server. The server is always active so that the data is constantly available. In addition, appropriate security measures to prevent data loss have been taken on the server level such as backup, physical and software protection.

PANTHEON Hosting scheme

Normally you have to provide the server equipment with corresponding maintenance or sort it out through a provider. With our hosting service you don’t have to worry anymore because your databases are stored in a data center where adequate safety and technical requirements are fulfilled. It is not a web application that runs in a browser. You have your PANTHEON installed locally like any other program and connect via Internet to the database. You will need PANTHEON X and a sufficiently fast Internet connection.

  • Easy and secure data exchange
  • Data security
  • Faster and time-saving processing
  • More time available for analysis and advice for customers
  • Fast and easy access from anywhere via the Internet
  • Receiving and issuing e-invoices
  • Electronic archiving of documents
  • Regular updates and continuous compliance with the law
  • Operating according to the International Accounting Standards
  • Wide range of help and support
  • No investment required; users pay for the program on a per-use basis


This means the end of manual data entry. You will be able to provide faster and more competitive services.


Fast 24/7 access to up-to-data data anytime and anywhere via the Internet.


Minimum initial investment and up to 85% lower costs for software licensing.


Ensuring adequate security by storing all data in the data center.

The Pantheon software enables a wide range of overviews and reports from business and tax ledgers. This way we can submit quality information and ensure timely planning in the future to the customers of the accounting firm. The possibility of connecting companies directly to our accounting firm through hosting is surely an advantage of the software.

Sabina Dimnik

Senior consultant, Data d.o.o.

I decided for the Hosting option because my computer with installed PANTHEON broke down. Besides smooth functioning, the Hosting option includes backups, secure storage and upgrades. Now I can access my databases from any computer and what is best access is enabled to my customers as well. For this reason my work is easier and faster.

Tatjana Brumat

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