Technical specifications of e-Accounting in the Cloud

No need to have your own dedicated server

The purpose of hosting is to offer smaller companies and accounting firms access to state-of-the-art business solutions.

Many small companies cannot afford the investments that are required to enter the world of business resource technology – the costs are simply too great. As a result, a number of companies are without suitable business solutions or opt for cheaper programs that do not suit their needs.

The development of Internet technologies and the rapid growth of processing capacities have lad to the emergence of data centers that deal exclusively with renting out information technology. Users can, for example, rent a database server or an Internet server for an affordable price. The same technology would be beyond their reach if they had to purchase it.

PANTHEON Hosting - scheme

With PANTHEON hosting, users get the best of both worlds. Data centers offer state-of-the-art hardware, and can lease the PANTHEON business solution from Datalab. The only thing users need is a user name and a password for logging in to the system – everything else is already prepared and included in the price.

An additional advantage of hosting is that accounting firms and their clients can simultaneously access the same data (stored on the same server), reducing accounting costs.

The Hosting system is not an online application

Hosting systems are not to be confused with applications run through Internet browsers. Internet hosting is based on the principle of Software as a Service (SAAS), with users accessing only the program – PANTHEON – over the Internet. The Internet only provides a channel for the transfer of data, and the program is installed in the data center. The user logs in and works in PANTHEON over the Internet. PANTHEON functionalities are unchanged, and are in no way reduced: the only difference is that traditional users enter data in PANTHEON installed locally on their computers, while hosting users enter data in PANTHEON over the Internet, with the program installed in the data center.
Hosting is more reliable and offers more functionalities that browser-based business applications. Recently, the number of “fast” solutions that offer simplified functions through Internet browsers has grown considerably. However, one must keep in mind that Internet browsers are not operating systems, and a number of things that users expect of today’s business solutions (e-banking, barcode scanners, customizing reports) are not available in browser-based applications, or function poorly compared with traditional applications. Browsers are intended for viewing Internet pages, not managing a business! This is the key reason that, while PANTHEON is available “over the Internet”, it runs like an independent application, that is, securely and reliably.

Hosting in four steps

  1. The user sends an application to Datalab; Datalab connects the user to a data center.
  2. Datalab provides the user with a PANTHEON client.
  3. The user transfers their data to the database in the data center.
  4. The user can immediately begin work.

Reliability and security

Data security is of key importance to successful operations – lost or stolen data can mean a loss of profits, costly lawsuits, or even the collapse of a company. That’s why PANTHEON Hosting users are guaranteed the highest degree of protection and security when working with data.

The data centers where user data is stored have all security-certified and use the most up-to-date firewall and data encryption technologies. Only certified persons may access the databases. Users can count on the highest degree of security and discretion in their work.

e-archiving and back-up copies

A company’s valuable data all too often falls victim to accidents caused by the so-called “higher powers” – the most common cause of data loss is lightning striking the location where data is stored. Accidents can be avoided through regular archiving and by creating back-up copies. Data centers that offer PANTHEON Hosting also take great care to address this aspect of data security.

With PANTHEON Hosting, back-up copies of databases are created at least once a day. Users can be certain their data is secure: at any time, all back-up copies from the past 14 days are available. The user can also request back-up copies of their data on DVDs is they would also like to have the data stored in their databases in physical form.

A comprehensive e-archiving system has been pre-prepared and set up for the needs of the user. The only thing required to set up a secure, transparent e-archive is a scanner.

Security standards and data encryption

Users’ data is stored at secure data centers that are certified by strict international security standards. These standards encompass both security against the theft or destruction of data by hackers (provided by firewalls, encryption protocols, etc.) and security against accidents (earthquakes, fires, etc.)

To prevent data leaks on the way from the user’s computer to the data center, communication between PANTHEON and the server is encrypted through an SSL connection. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections use the most powerful algorithms and are commonly used for credit card and other sensitive e-business operations. With PANTHEON hosting, user data is securely locked down at every step of the process: from transfer over the Internet to data storage at the data center.

Archiving in compliance with the Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act (ZVDAGA)

The Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act specifies the organization, infrastructure and execution of the capture and storage of document material in physical and electronic form, the validity or evidential value of such materials, the protection of archive material and the conditions for its use, the role of archives and public archiving services and related services.

Some archive providers will begin offering this service in the PANTHEON Hosting system in the near future.

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