PANTHEON User Stories

We're proud that PANTHEON has been an essential part of the lives of extraordinary individuals and companies in SE Europe for over 20 years. Your success is the measure of our success. Meet our users.

Field: Manufacturing/Other

As a growing company, we need a powerful business program and everything we need is obtained with PANTHEON.

Nihada Ramić

Head of Finance | Hager d.o.o.

Field: Manufacturing

We decided to improve and facilitate our business, that is why we choose PANTHEON. PANTHEON enables us to monitor serial numbers and quantity of products and stock status. We can access data and have access to all reports. With the help of PANTHEON, we have improved the entire business, we have made it easier for our employees to work, and we solve all the situations more efficiently and quickly.

Alen Hosu

project manager | Kaspar papir d. o. o.

Field: Wholesale/Manufacturing

Although our business is quite extensive and complex, we have "transferred" the entire business of our eight affiliated companies operating in different countries of the region from the very beginning to PANTHEON. As a parent company, at any moment, we can access important and up-to-date information about the work of the entire group, and the acquired data can be easily adapted to the needs of financial reporting by country and group as a whole.

Milica Blečić

CFO | Alarm automatika d. o. o.

Field: Manufacturing/Other

With PANTHEON, various units are integrated into a single image, which has improved the insight into the overall financial position of the company.

Maja Štefkovska

Head of Finance | P.I.K. Co., Makedonija

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