PANTHEON User Stories

We're proud that PANTHEON has been an essential part of the lives of extraordinary individuals and companies in SE Europe for over 20 years. Your success is the measure of our success. Meet our users.

Field: Manufacturing

With the decision to entrust our business with a comprehensive business information solution PANTHEON, we are very pleased. It enables us to manage inventory of material and finished products, calculations, orders, working documents, and in addition, we have improved customer support and managed to achieve an overview of the warehouse. However, we also simplified the processes between merchandise and accounting, so that the team can be more focused on supervision and less on the operational work

Mitja Kostanjevec

Member of the Management Board | Finakos d.o.o.

Field: Wholesale/Manufacturing/Other

Due to the high price of the input material and the nature of our products, we initially sought a solution that could adapt the material part of the business, ensure complete traceability and overview of inventories. Throughout the years, we have integrated our business into a whole and we manage the processes of calculations, offers, orders, material operations and the display of work documentation, invoicing, financial operations and personnel.

Ksenja Brelih Klincov

CEO | Niro Steel d.o.o.

Field: Accounting

At Vizija Računovodsrtvo, we are aware that in accounting management, more than 1300 subscribers have a very important quality accounting program and professional and quick support from their experts. We got this from Datalab and their PANTHEON program.

Robert Ogorevc

CEO | Vizija računovodstvo d.d.

Field: Accounting

A high-quality and dynamic accounting program that can meet the needs of both simple and very demanding users. And a programming house that listens to its users to make the program even better and seeks to adapt as much as possible to the needs and requirements of the financial profession.

Daniela Roj

CEO | Avista biro d.o.o.

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